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NŌN by KIM redefines the male wardrobe from a conceptual, refined and modern perspective. Founded in 2007, the Dutch designer Kim Bakker questions menswear by de- and reconstructing the archetypes of men's garments. Fuelled by a love for abstraction and making the complex look simple, every piece is remade at least 3 to 5 times in her studio before the patterns and technical sheets are send to the garment producers in Portugal. This attentive process results in fresh subtle silhouettes, which are defined by fine body conscious materials, considerate details, perfect finishes and a subdued use of colors. These ingredients form a collection that is captivating on many different levels and will not cease to inspire. Every novel collection assembles with the previous one: they all are part of an ongoing process. The style is highly consistent, and will therefore never age. This makes the designs very sustainable.

Since 2014 NŌN by KIM has a sub-line simply called NŌN. The permanent essentials collection consists of tailor fit jerseys in the signature NŌN by Kim fit which plays with space between the body and the garment. The whole collection is made in GOTS certified organic cotton produced by a fair profit share factory in Portugal.


After an Internship at Wendy&Jim, Kim Bakker graduated cum laude at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute in 2005: she received the AMFI prize for the best graduate collection of the year for her designs. The collection was also published in the magazine Items, as one of the "Best graduates from the Netherlands and Belgium". After having worked as a menswear designer for several brands (amongst others Gsus Sindustries and No Excess) for almost three years, Bakker decided to use her strong vision on men's fashion and sustainability to start a label of her own. The collections were shown during the Amsterdam International Fashion Week, the Eurasia Fashion Week and the MQ Vienna Fashion Week.