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Fall Winter 14/15


Zero F/W 14/15 is the rebirth of menswear label NŌN by KIM accompanied the all-new non-seasonal essential label NŌN.

The 7th collection of Kim Bakker, the designer behind NŌN by KIM, is all about new beginnings. Kim used the idea of Zero as an empty space to create blanks; holes and cut outs as negative space. Deleting and deforming details until there is only one striking detail left.
Tracing back the origin of the number Zero Kim stumbled upon the Maya culture, where an ovoid shell represents the zero. A research into the intelligent tribe with a raw edge resulted in rounded silhouettes; full on top and tapered at the bottom, sculpted in soft but sturdy fabrics. The collection is produced in Portugal by six specialised factories. The result is a high quality collection with an eye for modern menswear and sustainability.

Images by Ninette Schostack